Who we are

Sharing our Dutch hospitality with you is the heart of our mission..... enter Gezellig!
Gezellig, roughly pronounced heh sell' ick, is a Dutch word, which while it does not have a direct translation into English; refers to the "warm, fuzzy, feeling" of an atmosphere or situation, as opposed to the comfort of physical objects. The terms cozy, contented, comfortable are a start, but, if we take being cozy in a chair, and then imagine sitting in that chair surrounded by close friends, great food and a glass of wine, while soft music plays in the background; you are getting the picture!

At the Van Till Family Farm Winery, we are fostering a gezeligheit atmosphere for you. Every season of the year this will be experienced in a uniquely different way. But, in the end, it is the people that make it happen.

So gather your friends and find Gezellig in the peace and solitude of the country setting of the Van Till Family Farm Winery. Our commitment to great atmosphere, sincere hospitality, and great products will help you put the cares of the world aside, and leave feeling special.

                                                                                     Cliff and Debbie Van Till

Established in 2009 the Van Till Family Farm Winery is a destination winery in rural Ray County, Missouri, with a vision of building a multi-generational, family owned business, producing a variety of wines from Dry and Bold, to Sweet and Delicate. We have also created unique Wood Fired oven pizzas to pair with our wines and grow and produce many of the ingredients offered on our menu in the greenhouses and fields at the winery. Being farmers by trade we are always growing something to eat, and so developing a "farm to table experience" is just a natural outgrowth of how we have always lived our own lives.