The Wood-Fired Oven

Relax with the romance of The Wood-Fired Oven! Anticipate the wonderful taste sensations that are coming your way as you sip a glass of wine and enjoy the rhythm of our well trained Oven Masters baking pizzas right on the Wine Garden patio.

The Oven at Van Till Family Farm Winery is a wood-fired, Le Panyol 120; imported from France as a kit and assembled onsite on a foundation of locally sourced masonry materials. The “Terre Blanche” (or white clay) from Larnage is unique, a Kaolinic clay of exceptional quality. The organic white clay is celebrated for its refractory properties. Its ability to absorb and retain heat makes it, worldwide, one of the most revered materials for stone hearth baking.

For pizza, The Oven burns at 700 to 800 degrees F taking around 3 minutes to bake crispy pizzas with tender centers and the traditional burnt tips indicative of hot hearth oven baking. The Oven is so efficient that, it burns a minimum amount of wood to attain these temperatures and yet, after being shut down at the end of the day, it will typically still be well over 500 degrees F the next morning.