Our Wines

Dry Wines

Missouri Norton 2016 Wine  

The aroma is bright red fruit and musky and reminds one of figs and plums. This one will benefit from decanting.

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Daydream Wine  

The Van Till family is proud to be the official wine sponsor for the Dream Factory. This Norton-Chambourcin blend is full-bodied and dry with a hint of oak.

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Missouri Chambourcin 2016 Wine  

One of our favorites, a dry red wine with intense flavor and color. Oaked for depth of flavor, this Chambourcin is a wonderful complement to your barbecued pork and grilled dishes.

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Prairie Fire Wine  

A medium-bodied dry red blend with a hint of oak.

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Chambourcin Dry Rosé Wine  

A French-American hybrid finished Rosé style. Best served chilled.

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Missouri Chardonel Vintner's Reserve 2015 Wine  

Aged in oak, this light-bodied, dry, white wine is smooth and soft with a butterscotch and oaky finish. Best served just below room temperature.

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Missouri Chardonel Wine  

Finished in stainless tanks without oak, this robust Chardonel is crisp with elements of pear and apple.

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Van Till Vignoles Wine   / Sold Out!

Dry white wine with hints of pear and pineapple. Best served chilled.

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Missouri Valvin Muscat Wine  

A strong grapefruit aroma and crisp, white stone fruit flavors make this a truly unique white wine.

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Semi Dry Wines

Missouri Vignoles Wine  

Semi-dry white table wine with hints of pineapple and pear.

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Red Tractor Wine  

Semi-dry medium-bodied red wine blend. At the end of the day, park the tractor and sip this one and watch the sunset.

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Semi Sweet Wines

Farm Shed Red Wine  

This semi-sweet wine radiates aromas of ripe red fruit with a touch of citrus peel. Farm Shed Red is a blend of Missouri red varietals. This medium-bodied red wine pairs well with pizza and pasta.

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Chocolate Rose Wine  

A sweet red wine blend infused with dark chocolate for a delightful and tasty experience. Pairs with buffalo and spicy barbecue wings.

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Sweet Wines

Ranch Red Wine   /Almost Sold-Out!

Our sweet red Concord blend tantalizes the palate as a fresh ripe fruit with raspberry and cherry flavors. Serve chilled. 

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Missouri Traminette Wine   /Almost Sold-Out!

A French-American hybrid with Gewürztraminer, this award-winning semi-sweet Missouri wine with a honeysuckle bouquet and a hint of apricot is best served chilled.

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Ranch White Wine  

Hints of honeydew melon and tropical fruit highlight this popular sweet white wine. Great for sipping or serving with dessert. Best served chilled.

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Fruit Wines

Peach Wine  

A sweet, light fruit wine reminiscent of a true German Reisling. Best served chilled.

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Strawberry Festival Wine  

Experience summer year-round in this blend of refreshing, ripe strawberries, and big, bold, red grapes. This award-winning sweet strawberry and grape wine is great served chilled!

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Port Style Dessert Wines

Norton Dessert Wine  

All the richness of a Missouri Norton is found in this award-winning dessert wine. Fruit forward, smooth and sweet, with a hint of oak.

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In A Storm Wine  

Relax with award-winning sweet blackberry wine you've found your safe haven, like a ship in a port during a storm.

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Rapport Wine   /Almost Sold-Out!

This blend of strawberry and raspberry fruit creates a wonderful new flavor.

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Seasonal Wines

Citrus Sangria Wine  

Sweet red blend infused with citrus.

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Chai Spice Wine   /Almost Sold-Out!

A sweet red wine infused with chai spices brings to mind all the warmth and memories of cozy winter nights by the fire. Sip and savor this gem at any temperature: warm, room or cold; by itself or paired with spiced food or dessert.

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Sassy Strawberry Wine   / Sold Out!

Is it chocolate or is it strawberry?
Complex and fun. Best served chilled.

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