Annual Friend of the Winery Barbecue - Fall - Expired Event  Members Only

Date: October 24th
Time: 4:00pm
Members: $30.00

You're invited to our Annual Friend of the Winery Barbecue! Each year we have a barbecue for Friends of the Winery to thank you for your continued friendship. This year the Barbecue will be hosted in the Fall and will be in the evening in our recently completed Wine Barn! All Friend of the Winery club members, who are members by October 19th, are invited to attend the Santa Maria Style barbecue. 


What is a Santa Maria Style barbecue?

What Missourians call grilling, is called barbecue in California. 

Santa Maria is a central coast town in California located 10 miles north of Santa Barbara, with a rich history of cattle and strawberry production. The Santa Maria Style barbecue grew up out of the tradition that the cowboys, at the end of the day, would burn red oak in pits and when the fire died down to glowing coals, would cook beef for their dinner. 

Cliff loves to barbecue! His specialty is Tri-Tip along with his classic macaroni salad. The wood-fired oven garlic french bread, pinquito beans, and strawberry pie are close to the original Santa Maria Style Barbecue menu with just a little Missouri twist.

Santa Maria Style barbecue is all about relaxation with family and friends, with delicious food to eat and drink in our garden setting.


Come and enjoy the time with our family and the Friends of the Winery.

Call or visit the winery to purchase your ticket or do so on this page. No refunds.